Collection: Antonio Madeira

António Madeira is one of the rising stars of the Dão region in Portugal, his story starts in Paris where he was born, his Portuguese father escaped Salazar’s regime during the 70’s, fleeing to Paris to set up his new life there.

Having spent the early part of his life training & working as an engineer, Antonio would eventually venture into winemaking in 2010, having holidayed regularly in the Dão region during his childhood, there was only one place he could have ended up.

Initially, he split his time between Paris & Portugal, his father-in-law would look after the vineyards whilst he ventured over for the harvest. In 2017 he made the move permanent & now has 8 hectares of vines spread over 20 plots.

Antonio works biodynamically, with the greatest attention paid to his vineyards, he is a big believer in the potential of the Dão, famously labelling it the Grand Cru of Portugal.

As is tradition in the area, all of Antonio’s wines are field blends and all of his plots are co-plantings of native Portuguese varietal. This is mirrored in his wines with some cuvées containing over 20 different varieties.