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Hervé Souhaut created Domaine Romaneaux-Destezet in 1993. Hervé works 5-hectares of old and ancient vines—between 50 to 100 years old. He is very fortunate to own two vineyards in the Rhône Valley just opposite the storied hills of Hermitage in Saint Joseph. This region is widely recognized as being one of the finest areas for wine production on the planet; thanks in part to its elevation, ancient vineyard sites, and southeastern and southern exposures. 

Hervé works entirely on whole grape bunches and semi-carbonic maceration. His philosophy is to extract a delicate balance of tannins from the grapes, to make a wine with subtlety and finesse.

The grapes for Hervé’s Syrah cuvée come from a tiny parcel of land along the slopes of the Doux River, where the vines are on average 40-years-old, trained in gobelet which as the name suggests forms the vine into the image of a freestanding goblet.

Once the grapes are picked, they undergo a long maceration at a low temperature in fibreglass-lined tanks. The wine is then matured on the lees in second-hand oak casks for six months and bottled without being filtered. 

His Souteronne is made purely from old Gamay grapes, the vines clinging to the steep stony slopes. The elevation here is over 500 m above sea level and the vines are now between 70 to 90 years old. The winemaking involves a long maceration at low temperature, without destemming and the fermented juice is matured on the fine lees, in second-hand oak casks. It’s bottled without filtration & the SO2 is less than 25mg/l when bottled.

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