Collection: Sybille Kuntz

Sybille Kuntz is a true Mosel native, having lived & worked there her entire life (bar a brief stint living in Wuppertal to study), her family have been winemaking here for generations so it seemed inevitable that one day she would also take up the mantle.

Sybille started with just over an acre of vines in 1984, now she farms within a grand cru that covers 62 acres, with the Sybille Kuntz estate farming nearly 19 of them, some of which are séléction massale vines from the 1920s. These old vines have roots going as deep as 45 feet in the blue Devonian slate soil!

From those 19 acres come all of her Spätlese and later ripening wines. Stylistically, Sybille makes dry wines whilst she also creates one wine per category according to the prädikatswein, making the first three levels decidedly dry, with her auslese feinherb marking the turn into sweetness.

Her line of cuvées follow the ripening cycle of the grape which is articulated by the use of colours on her labels which indicate the level of ripeness depending on the colour of the label. The exception to that rule is the blue labelled Kabinett, which portrays the importance of the Devonian slate in her vineyards and the minerality it imparts.

The estate’s best vines are in the grosse lage (literally great site, or grand cru) of Niederberg-Helden. The vineyard grows on Lieser’s steep south bank overlooking the river—locally known as Lieser’s gold coast—at an incline of as much as 70%.