Collection: Cantina Iuli

Fabrizio Iuli is an enigmatic character; he exudes a warmth & playfulness that only someone who is truly at one with their way of life can be. A fifth-generation winemaker based in Montaldo di Cerrina Monferrato with his American wife Summer and their 2 children, they have both created a thriving business & community to be proud of.

Their dedication to revitalising the village they inhabit has seen them develop their small farm into a hub for the community with a now-thriving forest school for the local children on their land in which they hope to pass on the importance of caring for the world around you down to the next generation of inhabitants.

Fabrizio’s winemaking speaks for itself, his wines deliver elegance & freshness as well as a sense of intrigue, most notably his revival of a once-lost native varietal (Baratuciat) from extinction is of particular interest.